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Case Summary

I believe it happened in 2006 I was the the victim of I believe a set up strong arm robbery I was delivering the night reciets of a Friday nite to the hillside gentelmans club 2724s. 13st I had the reciets and personal money inside an igloo 6 pak cooler I arrived at the hillside opened the the door placed the the cooler on a shelf inside the rear door so I could turn off the alarm then attempted to lock the the door the door wasgrabbed from the out side by a black male I attemted to get him out the door after some physical pushing and shoving he grabbed the cooler and my car key and fled I got to the phone and dialed 911 detective timothy koceja arrived I gave my story of what happened the cooler was found east of 13 th and Dakota he interviewed me and he said he would file a report after this turmoil I diid some question asking around my original starting point was best place south tavern @3000 w.lincoln ave ii was able to get a few leads of who was involved igave the details to dec. koceja he said he would check . I got back to him he said it was of no helpi did call him different times for any updates he returned some of my calls after that but the majority of the the time unanswered voiced mail this is something I will never forget it is always in the back of my mind there were other people that dec. koceja could have interviewed but did not also there were two survellience tapes that he he was not intrestered in reviewing I still have them it burns me because he did not seem to have any intrest in looking at plus the fact that I lost a large amount of cash of my own that I was going to deposit in the bank when I did the business banking thank you james reidy