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Case Summary

11/02/2017 at aprox. 9:20 I was a passenger of the vehicle being pulled over. He did have the right to pull us over as the tags were expired. However, I was singled out and illegally searched bc "I looked high". This under the order of L/CPL M.D. Trotta SCCIA Officer # 0059-2945. He asked me if I had anything on me bc they were going to get the dogs and search. I was completely compliant and told him I had a small amount of marijuana in my purse. At that time I was left at the back of the truck while they took my purse to his car and searched. I was honest about everything upfront but he came back and handcuffed me and told me I was being arrested for possession of crack cocaine. He did not read me my rights. He told me I would not see a judge in the morning bc he was off the next day and still had to put in a warrant for the "crack".. I made bail the next morning with only the simple possession charge and in my property returned to me was an evidence bag that contained the contact case that supposedly contained the "crack". I am a single Mother and have a job that is very important to my family that I keep. I made it clear that I had to work the next morning and I have a son at home I needed to get back to but bc "I looked High" the officer almost cost me my job and possibly my son bc he was searching for a reason to lock me up, not the truth.. I never gave him any reason to treat me the way he did besides the way I looked and that cost me my rent money.