GO BACK officer Doyle

Case Summary

Doyle was responding to a call from my neighbor after his dog was loose and came into my yard while I was outside w my dog. He verbally stated that "your dog bit a human which I knew did not occur as I was present the entire time our dogs began to fight but my dog NEVER bit a human. I said absolutely not that is untrue. He disregarded me telling him this and informed me the other dog owner claiming the bite had a bad injury to his hand which would need stitches and I was being sued for bills. Doyle then stated my dog must go into quarrentine and I had to pay for it even though it did not happen....I said I needed paperwork so Doyle leaves for awhile and comes back with a generic definitions of policies and statutes definition NO contact info and no incident number. As though it was photocopied from a book titled "article x". I then called the police office after feeling this was not right to obtain the report but was told the officier was unavailable. That was 3 days ago I got NO response NO police report incident report etc and no contact period I have also contacted the SPCA where I adopted my dog along with local news stations. Besides fabricating a story that my dog bit a human officer Doyle refused to speak with me in my home OR even make eye contact while I spoke to him he looked at my 25 year old son and stated"I'm not going to deal with her can I deal with you?" I am the homeowner, the insured, and the dog owner. My son has no authority in this matter to "deal" with the police or the accusations.