GO BACK James Jones

Case Summary

As I entered the ramp I saw the car in my driver side mirror,it laws way back and moving very fast about 90 to 100 mph. It was swinging around car after car until it got close to where I Was coming up the ramp.I never entertains interstate when she stated to spin out of control in a clockwise spin, she disappeared on the left side of the transfer truck that was next to the ramp,the truck jammed his brakes and she spun past the front of his truck and while spinning she slammed hard into my driver side door,knocking my vehicle into the guardrail..she the started to spin in a counterclockwise spin and continued up the road for 100 feet or so and came back down the road to strike me again while I'm on the guardrail...this is what I told the police doing the report.but it is not what is in the report,plus while I. was the police was getting mean with me the driver twice interrupted him and said quote"no no no I hit him, I lost control of my car and I hit Him...well this was left out of the report and added into the report is A statement that I asked someone to change their story which Another flat out lie,I had no idea what their story was..furthermore she had already admitted it was her fault twice ..please read this report and save us from this criminal police officer..case number2017-187764...I suspect sexual favors plays a roll here.I will be taking this to court as soon as I can find a lawyer with enough courage to fight for justice.