GO BACK Megan Lee Ann Perkins

Case Summary

Officer has used wrongful tactic to lead to the arrests of my brother and I. He has been the officer in charge in several incidents stemming from the initial contact with my family in JUne 2017 through the DFPS CPS department here in Brownwood. He had reported to CPS concerns for the child of my younger brother because his arrest in May 2017. Then either the officer or cps investigator prompted an investigation due to the finding of my living at the same place as my younger brother, they had made biased statements about drug use at the home, which no drugs have ever been condoned or discovered by authorities following the events. In July 2017 the same officer and another officer bargged in on a court order from cps and continued to stay after the sheriff assisting cps told them their assistance was not necessary. Their only concern was of my older brother not the children and not once did they address the well being of the children. Again in July 2017 the same two officers had barged into another residence again without permission with a previous tenant who also had no authority to walk in uninvited, and I asked to leave because of myself having no involvement with the occupancy or property in question that day and after a warrant check i was allowed to leave about 5 minutes after their appearance. Then again in July 2017 the same 2 officers had conducted a search warrant on my older brothers residence when he was at work and 2 other people and I were in his vehicle were stopped away from the residence down the street and were faced with several armed officers and ordered out of vehicle onto the ground with are hand above are head and then transported to my brothers residence in police vehicle and a officer personally drove my brothers truck back to his house. After 2 hours or so I became agitated at the fact that i let the officers conduct their reason and then asked to look at the search warrant as to how it pertained to myself and then was denied by authorities and then i complained that i felt my rights had and were being violated. Following the second incidents the officer that ran my name for warrants then filed a complaint to the justice of peace following the day at the tent dispute for possession of controlled substance because of the other girl whose phone i was using at the time was found with drugs that i was not aware of and then arrested on August 2017 for a warrant of arrest following the filed complaint of the officer.