GO BACK Barbara Ise

Case Summary

My son, Bradley, called me on Monday concerning what had happened in the Platte County Detention Center on Saturday, October 28, 2017. He had asked for protective custody sometime ago because a murderer was placed in his cell. (Believe he threatened him). He is only allowed one hour out each day to take a shower and made a phone call. On Saturday he got in the shower, soaped up, and they shut the water off on him. One deputy threatened to teaser him if he didn't come out naked but others told him not to do that. They wouldn't let him wash soap off so finally got a blanket so he could go to his clothing. His skin became burning and itching so asked to see nurse which they refused even after 10 times saying it wasn't that bad. On Sunday, the water was not turned on during his time out. Did not talk to him Tuesday morning. I visited him on Tuesday evening, He is all broken out and found out the nurse put him on prednisone. I saw all of it. Today, the phones were not on during his time out. This happens all the time. His time if usually 8 - 9 am so he cannot call anyone except me. They are pulling this time of stuff all the time. As a matter of fact, there was an incident last October, 2016 where a deputy assaulted him. He was holding his food tray and never dropped it. He raised his right arm to protect his shoulder. They tried to pull his probation which he has never been on to this point. When the parole heard it and disagreed with what happened because a witness gave same statement and they saw they had destroyed the video and body cam. I have the paper showing it. They sent him back to Platte County and now they won't count that time as being served. The Assistant Prosecutor Mark Gibson said he hated him and he had not served enough time for him. He served all but three months of a consecutive back to back misdemeanors but they sent him to Missouri DOC. He served his time but they pull something and kept him a week longer so Platte County in the meantime could put a detainer on him. In arriving back at jail, they told him he would have to serve the full two years again. Guess the prosecutors are deciding because it has never been before a judge again. We also found out after trial that they had destroyed or hidden evidence. The description does not match and he said he wasn't driving. Small incident but they gave him 20 years with all five charges being consecutive. They wouldn't let him have his legal materials, law library to prepare for a Pros trial on this Deputy assaulting him. After DOC returned him, they filed charges against him. He had to finally ask for a public defender because he could not get the legal materials he needed. I sent them but he wouldn't get them and even asked an attorney to mail them which he did but they said it didn't have a return address on it so didn't get it either. Finally a week or so before trial was to start, the Judge finally said he could have a box of legal work. Don't think they want this but just want to put it off so they can pull more things to try and keep him longer. I just want him out before they kill him which all my friends and family believes. They have never heard of such things happening. Please help me! No one should be in a county jail for 4 years or more. This is more than in DOC. No injuries and small amount of damage in car accident. They called it road rage. (Think my dates are correct) Did not talk with him on Sunday or today, Wednesday as phones were off again.