GO BACK Debbie Phillips

Case Summary

I called for an officer to come out because my husband, Dale Phillips who I have asked for divorce, he and his mother are retaliating against me. I did not get the officers name but he was an older man, gray hair and it was about approx. 1:00 they were here. He was not nice to me. He told me that I was acting like a child. He was very belittling to me. He said that I was the one who is the one is pointing all the fingers, that he hasn't heard anything that I've done. I am in the NE Heights so I'm not sure if he was dispatched from the Osuna Sub Station. He said that he was accused of looking Gay, so he put is hand in a position of the way a woman would hold a hand, and asked me if I thought he looked gay like that, THAT was totally uncalled for. Dale was going to loose his house ,foreclosure so he filed bankruptcy then a modified payment plan. I have a learning disability so I feel Dale used that against me to get me on a mortgage holder because it made his mother angry so she did something illegal, my credit was ran without my approval and now I have Carrington Mortgage on MY CREDIT REPORT which WAS TOTALLY ILLEGAL. This police officer made my husbands head swell and patted him on the shoulder and said good luck my friend. He made me feel so little! Now I am going to be treated worse because of him. He told Dale to get a restraining order against me but did nothing for me. I would like a response to this please as I feel it is discrimination against me. This is urgent that I get out of here however I have no transportation to move quickly. Will someone PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!!! I am on disability and have PTSD as well .... I AM AFRAID TO BE HERE!!!! SOMEONE PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!! I'm trying to get my attorney, he mentally and emotionally abuses me while his mother watches and NO ONE NO ONE CARES TO HELP ME!!!!! Ill end up dead like my mother who was brutally shot to death. 1974 Ruth Hallmark I may be a statsic like her if no one is concerned