Officer Involved Domestic Violence

After 13 years of abuse she turned her husband in for domestic violence. He was arrested at police headquarters.

I am Clara Colon OIDV Survivor from Manahawkin, NJ. Survivor of Domestic Violence , Torture and Rape. Yes rape! I was raped after 6weeks after having C-section with my daughter Kaitlyn Marie , who is 3 yrs old now. My other daughter who is Brittany Allison  13 yrs. old has witness an has been abused physically by her father. She is courageous ad brave teenager , who has been a big advocate against any type of domestic, verbal, bullying and sexual abuse. I am very proud of my daughters voice and compassionate for the cause so dear to us. 

We lived a life of secrets, behind closed doors our family lived in horror. The abuser Officer Egberto Colon Jr. was a lunatic, sciopathic , narcissist and arrogant individual. He has no remorse for the pain and sorrow he inflected against us. His own family were aware of all the spousal and child abuse that was happening , they ignored and brush it off. 

The Elizabeth Police Department knew of all the spousal abuse and ignored my plea for help. His supervisor and sibling Lieutenant Jaime Colon knew of all the spousal abuse and ignored us like  disease. He violated his supervisor procedures and code of conduct to hide the fact that his brother was conducting himself as an abuser. what kind of Director of Police Department allow this type of conduct from one of his own supervisors. Director James Cosgrove does, he must allow these men in uniform to act like animals with their families. It must be departmental procedure to act this way, or maybe in their training books.

On 8/12/2010, he took his service weapon and was going to murder myself and my daughters. was he going to kill himself next? I think not , he is a soulless individual.

I have written thousand of letter from New Jersey to Washington DC , asking for my Civil and Constitutional rights as a Victim of Crime. The Union and Ocean County Prosecutors offices, and several other depts. have laughed and called me crazy blogger for exposing my experience. Well, all i have to response too you is, I'm on film now. Yes, i was interviewed alongside Donna Turkos OIDV Survivor too for Lawless Amercia

NYPD Blackmail Investigation

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