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Battered Police Officer's Wife

Danville Police Chief FIRED. Policeabuse.com Special Report. READ MORE

Teen inmate died of asphyxia in restraint chair accoring to new documents

Strapped In: Local teen dies in police custody

The video in this window does not represent all of our contacts with the LA County Sheriff's office. In fact, we have encountered many officers who were polite, professional and deserving of the public's trust and respect. This year we have decided to include some of those examples on the front page of our website. The Sgt. in the video above was disciplined within a few weeks of this video being turned over to internal affairs investigators. We want to thank Sheriff Lee Baca for his handling of the matter with discipline and retraining.

Mission Statement:
Using available technology, PoliceAbuse.com documents and investigates alleged incidents of police abuse.  We believe that many police organizations have done a poor job of protecting the public from abusive officers. Our primary service is assisting victims of misconduct with reporting complaints to appropriate enforcement agencies. We also investigate police and Sheriffs deputies that are accused of abusive behavior.


Irvin B Nathan is the chief law enforcement officer for the District of Columbia. in August of 2011 Mr. Nathan and his staff failed to assist a woman that needed protection from an abusive husband. Alicia Wheeler was turned away. She died in the District of Columbia September 12, 2011. She was stabbed to death in an alley, in part, because the domestic violence unit did not consider Alecia Wheeler's pleas for legal help a priority. It can be proven by emails sent to the Atty. Gen. that he was warned that the mismanagement of the domestic violence unit's resources would result in a woman's death. Emails show that Irvin B Nathan ignored at least 15 warnings. In attempting to cover up mistakes made by his staff, the Atty. Gen. committed crimes in the District of Columbia that have come to the attention of PoliceAbuse.com. The Atty. Gen.'s conduct will be discussed in an upcoming special report. PoliceAbuse.com believes there is sufficient evidence to force the Atty. Gen. out of office

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